File Storage Boxes


File storage boxes are important to businesses to keep everything organized. Many businesses have a lot of papers and important files that need to be kept neat and in good condition. The easiest, most efficient way to store all your important documents is in file storage boxes. American Document Services offers file storage boxes in both legal and letter-sized files, these affordable file boxes retain their shape and include secure-fitting lids, in a variety of sizes, 10x12x15 and 10x15x24, also available are check boxes.  They all feature hand holes that allow for easier carrying and designated areas for labeling, which includes a place for contents, to and from, date range, destruction date, to help with easy identification. You’ll also find our office storage boxes are made with recycled materials and are acid free, giving you an environmentally preferable choice.

American Document Services offers very compariable prices and we do deliver them to you for free. 

White File Storage Box

  • Hand holes allow boxes to be easily carried.
  • Pre-printed on each end of box for easy identification of files.
  • Crush resistant and easy to stack.
  • Heavy duty boxes and lids.
  • Double walled for added protection and stability.

Confidential Locking Containers

  • Safe and central collection center for confidential information.
  • Slotted & locked for security.
  • Numerous sizes to choose from: 16 to 96 gal.
  • Cabinets to match your office decor.

American Document Services strives to be the one-stop source for all your document and file storage box needs.